1. PigDogLucky

    Not sure what these are????

    Hello all. My EB has recently been bitten and attacked by a German Shepherd. SMH 🤦‍♂️. I also was attacked in the process of pulling the mouth open of the German shepherd off of my dog neck. Then getting filet open myself. (All Bad) since then I patched lucky up stopped all bleeding and now here...
  2. B

    Hello. I'm new here. & my Barkley ate plastic wrap....

    My bulldog is Col. Barkley Mustard. Barkley for short. He is 9 and in very good health. He is my sidekick and my favorite boy. This holiday I have been down with a cold and he's been with me 24 7. Happy to learn that there is a group of bulldog folks I can turn to with questions. Barkley is my...
  3. P


    I am wanting to try "Natures Logic" for my dog since it is free of synthetic vitamins. So now I an curious: where can I find a coupon for this brand?