1. GertieTerdz

    Gertie playing ball

    I'm thinking about sharing high and low quality shots of Gertie chasing a ball. This is her absolute favorite thing in the world. She will run into and over anything to get to a ball and it makes really funny photos.:laugh:
  2. K

    Bulldog advice wanted!

    Hi my name is Kathy and I am at present fostering an 8 month old female bulldog. She has come from a family that no longer wants her due to the fact she's a bit of a handful! She's an absolute sweetheart but not trained at all so will need some work. I am considering keeping her and am happy to...
  3. ChrisRN

    My Life with Mabel Part II

    Life with Mabel has sure been eye-opening! If anyone were to have told me that a short-haired dog required this much maintainence I never would have believed them. There are wrinkles, and ear drops, and wrinkles, and eye drops, and wrinkles, and tail pockets, and did I say wrinkles? The...