passing out

  1. O

    Help Needed! Need Help with mysterious choking/passing out episodes!

    About a week ago our beloved Odin had some sort of choking episode. Up until this point we have been unable to tell what type of episode (seizure, choking, etc). This is the 5th time in 2 months it has happened. He’s been at the vet for a few days, and because we have been unable to figure out...
  2. C

    Morning vomit passing out

    Morning vomit + faint (video) I'm super excited to have found this forum! Trying to discover the issue with my 9 month old English Bulldog Rosie. About twice a month she will wake up (always in the morning), sit up and lick her lips like she has too much saliva. Then she will begin to...
  3. Bartthebulldog

    Help Needed! 6 month Bulldog vomiting and passing out

    Hello all, First post here. My wife and I have a 6 month old English bulldog, Bart. His overall health is great but starting a few days ago we have had weird vomiting issues that only happen in the morning during breakfast. He starts eating his breakfast very fast like always but before he even...