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    General Question 1st Heat, Swollen Vulva

    Hello! Just joined- 1st post. My 7 mo old OEB is experiencing her 1st heat. Her vulva is very swollen. Is that normal? I also have a 3 yr old male (intact) that believe Lizzy needs help keeping it clean. I’m guessing his (help) may be contributing to the swelling. I’m scheduling an appointment...
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    Meet Otis, the OEB. Hello from Twin Cities!

    Hi all! Recently got our daughter an OEB bulldog after nearly a year of consideration. Mostly it was due to when mom and dad would be ready "pick up the slack" of puppy duty haha! Between 4 kids (all girls...:whew:), 2 cats, 2 dogs, and dozen of tropical fishes; we got our work cut out for...
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    Hello from Denver, CO!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to hi and introduce my bully to this awesome forum. My name is Mike and my adopted OEB's name is Bruce. We got him from a friend at two years of age. My friend was working and going to school so he barely had time for Bruce. Bruce was used to being locked up in a...