1. bullmama

    December 2014 Bulldog of the Month Contest ~ ENTER HERE ~

    Welcome to the December 2014 Bulldog of the Month Photo Contest! :christmas10::christmas10::christmas10: This month's theme will be: Holly Jolly Christmas Bulldogs Let's see those beautiful bulldogs showing their Christmas spirit!:christmas26: 30 day supply of NuVet Plus Supplement, and...
  2. Goob14

    Help Needed! Questions About Limping

    A few weeks ago, Goob had a limp in his front right leg. We had him on bed rest for a few days and it went away. Today, he has a limp in his right hind leg. This one seems more severe than the one a few weeks ago. We are going to put him on bed rest again but I can't imagine what it could be...