not eating

  1. L

    Older bulldog suddenly not eating from bowl?

    Hi everyone. This is my first post - I tried searching but could not find anything relevant. My (soon to be) 8 year old English bully Luna suddenly stopped eating from her bowl about a week ago. She will eat only if hand fed. This was a very sudden change in behavior since her meals had...
  2. Q

    URGENT HELP NEEDED- Bulldog not eating for 4+ weeks

    My 6 year old, neutered male, English Bulldog named Quickie is not eating anything at all. Any advice or similar situations and diagnosis would be greatly appreciated. Some background info: Quickie is a large Bulldog, who is typically 75-85lbs. He is always ravenous for food- or anything that...
  3. PeteyButterbean

    Thinning hair on back

    Hello All, I noticed a few weeks ago that Petey had a few spots of hair gone on his back, but didn't think about it because he rolls around a lot in the backyard, but today I gave him a bath and noticed that the hair was thinning quite bad on his back and the small spots were getting bigger...