new puppy

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  2. I

    Reputable breeder

    Hello. I spent a little time searching this site for the answer to my question and didn't really find it. I am looking for a puppy. From searching the internet I see price ranges from $800-5000. That's obviously quite a range. I'm weary of the lower priced puppies and can't spend 5k. I actually...
  3. P

    Howdy from Diesel and Tank

    Howdy! We just joined and look forward to learning new things and meeting all of you. Diesel is our 2 year Olde English Bulldogge and the newest addition Tank is our 6 week old English Bulldog. Diesel really needed a friend so that's when we found Tank. So far they have that big brother/little...
  4. B

    General Question Bringing home a 2nd bulldog. NEED ADVICE

    March 1st we will be brining home our second English bulldog. Our current bulldog is a 4 year old male. He is our baby and knows it! We will be bringing home a English bulldog girl. We are looking for any advise, suggestions, do's and don'ts etc. to help smooth the process over for everyone!
  5. C

    Marvelous (Mad?) Madam Mim

    I've gotten a few photos since I last posted. 3w4d - :::squish::: 4w5d 7w4d - Her black is filling in nicely on her nose/lips. First bath We have the date for picking up Mim. The window is very small, so it's going to be a trick doing it, heh. My cousin's family is getting to her mom's...
  6. BreakfastAtMe

    Favorite products?

    Hi everyone! I will soon be bringing home my first bulldog puppy. I have never had a bulldog before and was wondering products to get. Everything from food to toys to shampoo. Also if you have any other advice on training, I would love to hear it all!
  7. R

    New puppy

    Good afternoon all i am a new proud father of a English bulldog names Mr. Bigglesworth. Just wanted to introduce myself and look forward to learning new things on this site.