1. ArchieAlanBoBoWilliams

    Hi im new

    Hi I'm new here..Archie the EB, 5 years old and from Wales in UK. Raw fed for the past 2 years. Loves the beach and snuggles!
  2. opiethebullypup

    Hello all!

    Hey everyone! My name is Caitlyn and I have an almost 3 year old pup named Opie who is my whole world. I wanted to find a community of bulldog parents who have gone through the same things as I have and can offer advice and just be people to talk to since they can definitely be a handful but we...
  3. P

    Howdy from Diesel and Tank

    Howdy! We just joined and look forward to learning new things and meeting all of you. Diesel is our 2 year Olde English Bulldogge and the newest addition Tank is our 6 week old English Bulldog. Diesel really needed a friend so that's when we found Tank. So far they have that big brother/little...
  4. A

    "Hi" from Ange and "Lets play lets play lets play" from Stella

    Hello everyone, what a great site! Stella is a New Zealand born English Bulldog who is currently 5 months. Through this site I have come to learn my little chunky monkey's ways are very breed specific to the awesome bully. Reading trough this site is a regular thing for us and knowing that if...
  5. S

    Introduction / vet recommendation

    Hello all, new to the site. My name is Eric. Our bully's name is Stanford. He's almost 3. We just moved from New York City to northern Westchester county. The drive to Richmond Valley vet in Staten Island is not practical for easier visits (or emergency ones) - we were hoping someone might...