1. MaddieRM

    Peeing in strange places repeatedly?!

    Hello, me again! My completely (or so I thought), housetrained dog has peed on my bed 3 times since I got her. It all seems like it is for no reason. I'm wondering if she smells my old dog or cats on it. I just got a new mattress so we will see how that goes! And now recently she's been peeing...
  2. B

    ADVICE NEEDED - 6mo Old EB Puppy - can no longer walk

    Hello All Bulldog Lovers - I recently got an EB puppy.. She is 6 months old and was full of life until, Wednesday 3/16/2022. She threw up around noon and was acting very funny, frozen in her stance, walking slowly, could tell she was in pain and was having trouble breathing. I gave her water and...
  3. Squash

    Help Needed! Sudden limping? No signs of cause!

    My 3yo EBD, Squash, woke up 5 days ago and couldn’t get out of bed. We later realized it was because he couldn’t put pressure on his back left leg though he hasn’t shown any signs of pain. We immediately ran him to the vet. They took X-rays, blood tests, tick and heart disease tests. All came...
  4. babytrappy

    Help Needed! Redness appearing all around my English Bulldog

    Hello! I am new here. I’m glad this exist because I’be found great answers and advices here. I actually found out about Taste of The Wild in a discussion here. The orange TOTW bag is what I’ve been feeding my baby. He is an English Bulldog of 8 months now. He has been really good with that food...