hair loss

  1. C

    Help Needed! Hair loss with black specs

    I’m hoping for a little help . I just noticed yesterday my little boy Taz has started losing his hair . When I first got him he had an issue with his fur and the vet gave me a medication shampoo but this looks completely different. Does anyone have any idea what this could be ??
  2. D

    Help!! Puppy with EXTREME hair loss and bumps that turn into sores.

    In a desperate attempt to find answers, I’m reaching out to you all. My puppy, Jersey, is 11 weeks old. She’s been home with us just 3 weeks now and it’s been nothing short of a nightmare trying to figure out what’s going on with her. She has extreme hair loss on her back (not on her eyes...
  3. PeteyButterbean

    Thinning hair on back

    Hello All, I noticed a few weeks ago that Petey had a few spots of hair gone on his back, but didn't think about it because he rolls around a lot in the backyard, but today I gave him a bath and noticed that the hair was thinning quite bad on his back and the small spots were getting bigger...
  4. D

    Other Loss of Hair/Darkening skin on sides - FOOD ALLERGY!

    Around a year old we decided to switch Cupcake over to adult food, and decided to change her from Merrick's since the company had been bought out by Purina. Ultimately we chose to switch her to Taste of the Wild (Salmon). Shortly after making the switch we began noticing excessive shedding and...