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    Change in disposition

    Good Evening, I'm at my wits end and hopefully, someone here can help me out. First a bit of of background. We bought a puppy(Ebisu) about 2 years ago. About a year later we had an adopted bulldog pass away, so we started looking for another bulldog. We found out that Ebisu's sister, Chita...
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    Help Needed! Bulldog growls and snaps at children

    I'm in need of help with my 3 year old male bulldog. We have a few behavior problems but my most important one is the behavior towards our children. He growls and snaps at my 1 year old if he even comes near him. I'll give you a little background: Our bulldog has never really liked children...
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    Help Needed! 14 week old Bully snarling/growling

    Hi all! I've been reading the forums extensively over the past several months to prepare for bringing our new bulldog pup home. We got Calvin at 7 weeks old and he was the adorable runt of the litter. He has what sounds like a pretty typical bully personality--complete with being stubborn and...