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    Newbie From WhyDoPets

    Newbie here from WhyDoPets. I love to write about pets because I have pets at my home and I have gone through different kinds of experiences with them. I am sure you all will go through some of the experiences so better if we exchange some helpful information with each other. Tom.
  2. hdhungryman

    Dogs Playing In Slow Motion

    We can’t resist watching this video. Apparently, we are suckers for cute dogs being silly and playing in slow motion. <strong>
  3. hdhungryman

    Gordo, the Bulldog, working it at the Park

    Gordo the Bulldog hanging out with his friends at the local off leash dog park and breaking hearts as usual. LOL!
  4. hdhungryman

    ‪My Bulldog Eating Fruits‬

    Bananas are a tasty treat for dogs. They are also a good source of potassium, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber, biotin and copper. That is why Gordo & Dino eat bananas in moderation :yes:
  5. hdhungryman

    French Bulldog vs. English Bulldog

    English Bulldog & French Bulldog playing at the Beach
  6. hdhungryman

    Traveling by Car with our Bulldog

    This was filmed during a road trip going North on US Highway 395. Gordo is a very experienced traveler and it has always been fun to take him along with us wherever we go.
  7. hdhungryman

    A Day in the life of Gordo, the English Bulldog

    It has been raining here for the last week and Gordo & Dino have been itching to get out of the house before winter starts. They fattened up on "Thanksgiving treats" to build up their winter coats before the snow begins to fall.
  8. hdhungryman

    Lazy Bulldog Won't Wake Up and Get out of Bed

    Gordo Won`t Leave the Bed no matter what Dino tries.
  9. hdhungryman

    Sleeping with my dogs

    Gordo & Dino don't mind sharing their bed with Grandpa. Just One rule: No drooling!
  10. hdhungryman

    A Bulldog and his friends

    Gordo's BFFs arrived on an unannounced visit to say goodbye because he is leaving on a trip. <strong>
  11. hdhungryman

    El perro científico

    Bulldog Can’t Figure Out Seaweed Gordo the Bulldog encounters a mass of seaweed during his day at the beach. Naturally, he tries to determine whether or not it will be a tasty snack.
  12. hdhungryman

    ¿Por qué llora mi Bulldog?

    Why Is My Bulldog Crying? Gordo just wants to get Grandma's attention
  13. hdhungryman

    Bulldog Wants Hugs & Kisses

    Adorable Bulldog loves to be hugged and kissed.
  14. Chunky Charley

    Is it Spring yet?!