1. Krissie

    Mommy's little Monster

    Passed out from a long day of play...and yard work excitement.
  2. P

    Naptime With Daddy

    I couldn't resist sharing this. I snuck in and took this when they were napping... A Girl and Her Daddy. Love that little tongue and she looks so cute snuggled up against him. Terry
  3. hdhungryman

    Traveling by Car with our Bulldog

    This was filmed during a road trip going North on US Highway 395. Gordo is a very experienced traveler and it has always been fun to take him along with us wherever we go.
  4. hdhungryman

    A Day in the life of Gordo, the English Bulldog

    It has been raining here for the last week and Gordo & Dino have been itching to get out of the house before winter starts. They fattened up on "Thanksgiving treats" to build up their winter coats before the snow begins to fall.
  5. hdhungryman

    Bulldog Wants Hugs & Kisses

    Adorable Bulldog loves to be hugged and kissed.
  6. BreakfastAtMe

    Bath time!

  7. Chunky Charley

    Is it Spring yet?!

  8. colinrac

    Stella, the star of my webcomic

    Hi everyone, I presented myself earlier in the Introduction forums, now I'm showing you some Stella pics. She's amazing! When she was a puppy... Posing... Cheering for our hockey team! She's always making that face. 90's album cover fish-eye stylin! Check out my webcomic featuring...