cute dog video

  1. hdhungryman

    My Bulldog Going For A Ride

    For Gordo, the Bulldog, riding in the mule is the highlight of his day. He loves it! It is a great adventure, full of new sights, smells, and sounds.
  2. hdhungryman

    Gordo, the Bulldog, working it at the Park

    Gordo the Bulldog hanging out with his friends at the local off leash dog park and breaking hearts as usual. LOL!
  3. hdhungryman

    Grandpa brags about his grandson

    Grandpa's s wonderful way to love his grandson, Gordo, the English Bulldog :blush:
  4. hdhungryman

    Bulldog Walking on the beach

    Gordo having fun at the Dog Beach in Ocean Beach, California.
  5. hdhungryman

    My dog is sad because he did not get to eat any leftovers

    Gordo is patiently waiting, grovelling for leftover dinner, and gets disappointed when he finds out that there is nothing left.
  6. hdhungryman

    Our English Bulldog is Afraid of Going Down the Stairs

    Gordo is suddenly scared to go downstairs... only one thing can give him the courage he needs to get moving... :unsure: