cherry eye

  1. C

    Entropy surgery caused cherry eye?

    Hi there - first post - proud owner of 2 english bulldogs Our little female bulldog (2 years old) had entropy causing her to constantly squint - so we decided to get surgery. All went well, she is not in pain, but now after 2 days she has formed cherry eye on the operated eye. We have had...
  2. J

    Cherry eye

    Hello everyone, So my puppy Chloe is about to be 4 months and she is now showing cherry eye from time to time. I say time to time because I catch soon enough to rub it back in. But I noticed that it is now coming back more frequently mostly when she is playing and jumping around. I have...
  3. N

    Would you bred a dog with cherry caused by Stress ? Unethical or Not that is the question

    Purchased a pup , she had a small cherry eye popping out. 3 days later both eyes were bulging and now im concerned .... HELP
  4. whofeelsitknowsit

    Cherry Eye

    Arlo, our 6 month old, has started to develop cherry eye in his left eye. The vet prescribed a steroidal cream, which hasn't helped at all. I was trying to find a non-surgical remedy, and I came across this video. I had heard about massaging, but I was doing it completely wrong. This has...
  5. K

    Cherry Eye

    So I have a 1 year old English bulldog who has had many issues with her eyes. She was diagnosed with distichia and on top of that she normally has pretty dry and irritated eyes, which we give her eye drops for daily. About 4 months ago she got cherry eye and it went away on it's own in about a...
  6. Lalaloopsie

    Cherry eye

    Dear friends, I need you advise! May be someone has similar experience. My 4 month old bullie got a cherry eye 3 days ago. Just out of blue after night sleep he woke up with a thing. I am doctor myself, so I knew what to do and immediately started applying steroid and antibiotic eyedrops and...
  7. sndpiper

    Help Needed! Cherry Eye Surgery

    Watson is going to need Cherry Eye surgery, his cornea is starting to get cloudy because of it and I've been combing this thread for all the info I can get before going to talk to an ophthalmologist. I'm so worried about putting him under, he's about to turn 4 and we just moved to a new area so...
  8. nayabully

    Cherry Eye Recovery Redness

    Hello everyone, We have had Naya for about 7 weeks now. A couple days before we picked her up from the breeder, she got cherry eye in one of her eyes. Both of her eyes were tacked by the breeder's vet. I read online that recovery could range from a week to few weeks, however, the redness was...
  9. J

    Help Needed! My Bully has developed a cherry eye :(

    Hello! new to the board so forgive me if this has been posted, asked and answered before. My bully, Ramsay, has developed a cherry in his right eye. It comes and goes, but it mostly makes its appearance when he is rowdy. He is roughly 50lbs and was told benadryl could help with the irritation...
  10. Bizzymammabee

    Cherry Eye Surgery - Post Op/Healing timeline

    Ok so Ty had both of his cherry eyes tacked when he was neutered on Feb. 27th. They were really bad, the left being the worst. For the first few days post-op they were red which I figured. They seemed to be doing well. A week later when we went for his follow up, on the way into the car, the...