1. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Trudy~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    “Hello, my name is Trudy. Some people call me “Trainwreck” Trudy. You will know why shortly. Do I have a story to tell! I have been passed from person-to-person so many times over the last few years, I have lost count of how many owners I’ve had. You would think that someone would have kept me...
  2. P

    Need help with my new puppy on feeding

    Hello I got Dozer on Sunday and I have been feeding him Legacy Turkey Dinner. Each patty is 227g so 8 Oz. I give him a patty a day half in morning and half at 4 pm. So I think it is not enough or enough. I don't want him to starve and my vet is so against raw food so he is no help. So if...
  3. B

    Not eating..

    Hey all! Happy Easter weekend!!... Bogey's got a show next weekend and we've been looking to put on a few extra pounds on his frame the past two weeks. Everything has been fine with him except the eating part. Bogey is currently on Acana duck and pear with cheeses, minced carrot and Orijen...
  4. Mishell

    Your thoughts on sunday pets dry pet food please

    Ingredients are as follows for the Sunday pets grain free range of food I'm looking at here in Australia Meat and meal ( min78%) including meat and bone range lamb,fish meal,vegetables (min10%) including potatoe carrot pumpkin celery.fruits (min5.5%)including Apple,blueberry,egg...