1. H

    Help Needed! My bulldog has a wound that keeps bleeding, see post For info

    My bulldog has a wound/skin blemish between his ears on his head, we noticed it a few days ago when we saw his fur was turning brown (dry blood) so we cleaned it and it didn’t get any better. We have shaved a patch of his fur off to reveal the issue but we can’t put our finger on what the hell...
  2. KingGeorgeTheBulldog


    Has anyone seen anything like this? We have a vet appointment Monday evening but I’m stressing out. I just noticed this lump on my dogs toe last night. It’s about 1/3 inch in diameter and protrudes. It had a black scab on it which I scratched at to make sure it was a tick or bug or something but...
  3. B

    Please Help!!!!

    Hey guys! My English Bulldog has this huge bump in the middle of his face it’s kind of purple. I don’t know what it is and it is bothering me. Please help
  4. B770QE

    What is this red spot?

    Hello everyone! I'm new to owning a bulldog and have learned so much from this site, but I need some opinions and advice please. My boy, Gus, was scratching his face this evening and I noticed he has a red bump below his eye. It is not very big, less than pea sized, but is raw and bothers him if...