1. S

    Is this a English bulldog or a Olde English bulldog?

    Hi, So I recently bought my first bulldog about a week ago. It has its AKC papers,but it only says "Bulldog" on it. I know this should be obvious to be able to tell the two apart but I need a little help doing so. And yes the add said English bulldog. It's just that he doesn't look like the ones...
  2. colinrac

    Bulldog Diaries / Animated Webseries

    Hi everyone. I posted a bunch of comics about my bulldog Stella a while back. Since it was popular (especially on Facebook) I decided to start an animated web series. Here's the first episode. There's gonna be more (even though it took me around 12 hours to do this one...), so if you're...
  3. baker1

    Its been too long !!!

    Hell all you wonderful bulldog lovers! It's been a while and for that I apologize, but I have some news to share! I finally got into breeding and it was the best experience. My reverse brindle girl, Sophie, was a great mom and the pups turned out wonderful. She was matched with a red and white...
  4. jdeveaux


    Article from ABC13 news Dognapping: 2 English Bulldogs stolen from home in North Houston | abc13.com
  5. B

    Meet Bosco from Northern Cali

    Hi everyone, meet Bosco. He is a Olde English Bulldog and is currently 8-months old. He loves to take walks at Fort Funston in San Francisco and hang out at 3rd Ave Dog Park in San Mateo. This is my first time owning a bulldog. Hope to learn more about the breed and meet other Bulldog owner's.