bulldog love

  1. L

    The loss of my little boi, Boobies

    Hi all, I need some comfort from the bulldog community as on Sunday (29/08/21), I lost my soul mate, Boobies. He was/is the most beautiful boy, and I am completely lost without him. He passed away peacefully in his sleep, snoring, and was 8 years old. He decided to fall asleep and he knew we...
  2. hdhungryman

    Adorable Bulldog And Teenager Share The Sweetest Moment That Will Melt Your Heart!

    Teenager Can't Stop Kissing Cute Bulldog :)
  3. E

    hi, I AM NEW HERE

    hello everybody, its Ellena mishra writting here from chicago. Exciting to be joining the group. hope to interact with alot of you.Late happy new year:D And say hi to Lapy
  4. J

    New to the site....

    Hello, My name is Jessica and I am from Ontario Canada. I have 2 English Bulldogs, Zoey a female who is almost 2 & Joey a male who is 5 months. Every time I was googling my questions this website would pop up, So I decided to join as you look like a great bunch of people!! Can't wait to get...
  5. KristaB026

    Give a shout out to your Bully!

    It's probably to soon to express my life's drama...ha! But I really wanted to give a shout out to Bentley. Please feel free to share with me your own shout out. So long long story short I very recently found out I have Endrometeosis. All within the last four months I have been soaking in all...