1. B

    Canine Influenza (Flu) Vaccine gave Baxter Head Tremors and Shaking

    Roughly 3 hours after being administered the new Flu vaccine for Dogs, baxter developed significant head tremors and bobbing / shaking that would not stop. This qualifies as one of those "unnecessary" vaccines because dogs don't typically die from the Flu and this doesn't even prevent it. It...
  2. betterxthanxnew

    Help Needed! Head Tremors

    I had hoped we weren't going to have this issue.... but it's been a long sleepless weekend. Effie has started having head tremors. I'm really shocked, because she's going to be 3 next January, and I really thought if she was going to have them, we would have seen them by now! My husband was...
  3. A

    Need advice/bulldog head bobbing/ boxer attacks

    I have a 5 yo female EB named Bella. She is a great girl. We also have a 3 yo female boxer and a springer puppy. I know, what a crazy mix! About a year ago Bella started having head bobbing. I immediately ran to the internet to see what I could find out. (We had a springer years ago that...