behavioral issues

  1. MaddieRM

    Suddenly Scared?!

    Hi, new here! I adopted a 3 year old rescue 9 months ago and so far she has been Perfect. She is a bit timid and scared of loud noises but other than that she is a dream. However, the last week or two have been he trying to get her to go for a walk outside our apartment. The apartment complex I...
  2. S

    Aggression Towards Strangers

    Hi there, Really needing some advice and quick! My male english bulldog Romeo will turn 2 in July. The last few weeks he has been acting aggressive towards dog walkers I have hired to take him out during the day. These are people who live in my building and who I have introduced him to...
  3. R

    My 7 Year old Male is suddenly starting to snap at strangers

    My Bulldog Gambit has always been so good and so mild mannered. He wouldn't even Bark at other dogs or people walking by. Within the last 6 months or so he is starting to snap at people, they will go to him with the back of their hand to allow him to smell them. He will sniff and show no...