1. K

    Bald spots

    Seeking advice: First time owner of a fixed male, pacific bulldog. For over 6 months now (summer and winter) he has patches of hair loss. Vet said may have been a food allergy so we switched him to a raw pork diet, and he is also currently on 7.5 mg of Prednisone. It has been several months...
  2. C

    Bald spots please help

    Have a 6 month English Bulldog and recently started getting 3 bald spots. One in his neck and 2 on his body. They are very small but nothing I've seen before. Wondering if y'all know what it could be. Has me alittle worried. Idk if it a food reaction but berly came up and has been eating Acana...
  3. P

    Josie has lost the fur on one eyebrow... why?

    I realize it's not a very good picture so I will try for a better one in the morning. You can tell the eyebrow on the left side of the photo is a bit pinker looking, this is due to the fact the fur has fallen out. She is 51/2 months old, has had all her shots and tests, started on Heartguard and...
  4. rramos


    Rocky, My almost 2 year old male white English Bulldog started developing bald spots first on his front paws then on both of his sides since last November and it keeps getting worse. I have taken him to his vet and she has done all testing possible and ALL tests have come back negative. She came...