aspiration pneumonia

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    ADVICE NEEDED - 6mo Old EB Puppy - can no longer walk

    Hello All Bulldog Lovers - I recently got an EB puppy.. She is 6 months old and was full of life until, Wednesday 3/16/2022. She threw up around noon and was acting very funny, frozen in her stance, walking slowly, could tell she was in pain and was having trouble breathing. I gave her water and...
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    vomiting bile for months

    hello! New here to this! I have an almost 4 yr old male bulldog named booger who has been the poster child to all bulldog issues from the time we got him to keep it in short. About beginning to mid April booger started to vomit bile in the am upon waking or in the middle of the night. At first...
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    General Question Chloramphenicol side effects.. Help!

    Hello, I have an 8 month amazing bulldog... He was recently diagnosed with elongated soft palate.. Which has caused him aspiration pneumonia. He has been on chloramphenicol for about 3 weeks now. However, hes not eating anything at all, he vomits anything he eat, he's lost 5 pounds. He does...