1. B

    Need Help/Advice-Tail amputed one week later tail site is ozzing blood

    Hello, We have been on this website numerous times and finally took some time to register. It took us awhile to decide on the tail amputation, Butkus had an inverted corkscrew tail that had deep tail pockets and literally was infected every other month. We had just gotten tired of the vet costs...
  2. C

    Help Needed! Over stimulated by dirtbikes

    Hi everyone! We have our 10 month old bulldog, Chunk. We are fairly active in the mx life but Chunk doesn't seem to like dirtbikes so much. He's been exposed to them a few times & each time he gets real whiny, barks at the bikes as if to attack them & throws his body towards them. We always...
  3. BreakfastAtMe

    Favorite products?

    Hi everyone! I will soon be bringing home my first bulldog puppy. I have never had a bulldog before and was wondering products to get. Everything from food to toys to shampoo. Also if you have any other advice on training, I would love to hear it all!