1. agingermom

    Secret santa

    Thank you Christine @2BullyMama. The fur kids loved the treats and toys. The grand furbaby loved the balls I am still trying to get the video to upload ......agghh
  2. agingermom

    Henny has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

    Our house is grieving the loss of Miss Henny Penny, our Frenchie rescue from Last December. She was on steroids after her hemivertibrae starting compressing her spine causing paralysis, inability to urinate on own and incontinence of feces. She had an appointment this week with a neurosurgeon...
  3. agingermom

    Welcome to Miss Henny Penny

    I am obviously insane and have drank way to much. Please welcome our new addition to the family, Miss Henny Penny. This makes 5 dogs, 2 English, one french, one westie and Henny. There was a local lady who breed her dogs and kept most of them. She became ill and a ton of her dogs, mostly...
  4. KristaB026

    Favorite Photo Bentley has a New Toy

    You all asked for it. I bought this for him a few weeks ago. Bentley loves stuffed animals but he is so hard on them. It's from Gordmans, and it had a tough rating so I thought I would give it a try.....not so tough. But I did get this laugh out loud sweet picture of my boy. I had to get my...
  5. agingermom

    Help Needed! strange stools

    So, Bertha (of course Bertha, who else lol. Arnold never gives me grief), has had a change in her BM's over the last 3 months or so. She seems to struggle having a BM, actually looking like she is twerking when trying to go. Then she leaves these little nuggets in the house, which is very...
  6. agingermom


    I love my new alarm clock!! JeannieCO
  7. agingermom

    My new Granddaughter

    Introducing my new grandaughter (my first biological one!!), Miss Ailyn Marie. She was born on Dec 12 after giving her mom hell!! She was 7 lbs 8 0z and 20 inches long. My son is still in Army bootcamp so missed her birth but will be home on Thursday to enjoy her company for 2 weeks!!
  8. agingermom

    dear Santa