Mom to Brutus
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  • Hi! I'm Brutus' mom, Betsy! We are totally new to the EB world! And what a world it is! Brutus is our first bulldog. We are learning as we go, and this sight has been our life line! thank you! We have many questions about our ball of fire here. We did so much research on bulldogs; and not in one place, or not one person or breeder that we spoke to told us how much energy our little guy would have! OR how much fun he would be! "Oh they are so laid back!" NOT! We have raised 6 kids and have had several other dogs along the way, but nothing compares to Brutus. And no other animal has had the personality that he has!
    We'll keep on reading and learning from you all!
    Thanks for creating a great sight for all of us bulldog newbies!
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