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  • Thank you!! same to you.... but, you have to start with the golden rule next year -- NEVER work on your b-day! That should be your day to do with want you will. Today, I spent some time with the pups, did some work in the garden, then it was off for a mani/pedi! ;)
    WOW those meds have turned him into super bully!!! LOL Can you always take him to work? That must be really nice...
    I'm so glad to hear it... I can't imagine how hard this has been on you guys, does he have to take the meds daily? It seems like a lot of bullies on here have seizure's... I had NO idea!!!
    Hey I was just checking in to see how Loki is doing? I know it must be hard w/you going back to work :(
    I'm so sorry... they do know how to make us feel incredibly guilty (just like human KIDS!!!). I'm sure he will be fine... :D Let me know how it goes!!!
    I'm sending prayers out to you & Loki... I know you will be worried about tomorrow, but I'm sure he will be fine!!! You guys have done such a great job so far... ;)
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