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    ~ENTER HERE~ December 2021 Bulldog of the Month Contest "Holly Jolly Bulldogs"

    The tree is the first place he goes in the morning.
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    Merry Christmas! Thank you to our Secret Santa Murphy!

    Awe!!! I’m glad you like everything!!!!
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    Ornament exchange

    I love these ornaments so much!!! Thank you!!!
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    Secret Santa

    We love it!!!!!!!
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    Addressing a potty accident late

    Depending on how old he is, they can only hold it for so long. Generally speaking, a puppy can control their bladder one hour for every month of age. So if your puppy is two months old, they can hold it for about two hours. Try taking him out every 30 minutes. Then after every meal & everytime...
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    Ella don’t stop me now video!!!

    How old is she??? I think our babies are the same age. Milton is 9 ish months. He’s got the bulldog face but his waist is skinny! She is filling out so good!!!
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    Óscar - The laziest of all

    So cute!! He’s 6 months? How much does he weigh?? I have a 7 month old boy
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    The She-Devil

    I swear her & Milton could be twins!!!! I’ve been waiting for you to post pictures of her and how big she is getting. She is sooo cute!! I feel like Milton is skinny for 6 months. She’s got good chunky-ness to her!!
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    I’ve got a 5 year old and a 5 month old. Murphy is 5, and could care less about stuff. Lol. Don’t get me wrong, he plays but he also just chills out all day!! Now my 5 month old Milton-like you said energizer bunny haha. With the summer I always have a kiddie pool filled with water, so they can...
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    Louie got a Jolly Ball!

    Do you have to eventually take them away?? Are they all scented?? We had one about 2 years ago, and his chin kept breaking out. Murphy absolutely loves jolly balls! Or anything round. But he gets so worked up! His birthday is next weekend and I want to give him one Probly smaller tho! Going...
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    Vote for my boys!!!!

    Thank you to everyone who voted!!!
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    Vote for my boys!!!!

    Thank you! Yea I have noticed it is not a fast site. The easiest way I found was to go to the blue bar right above the pictures where it says already entered and you can type Murphy and it will search and it’s the fourth picture