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    Pet Insurance ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

    I have Pets Best Insurance and find that the Wellness coverage more that pays for Bubba,s Well checks, shots, fleas/ticks treatment. I opted for a deductible coverage that lowers the overall monthly/yearly cost, this WORKS FOR ME, and gives me peace of mind. And fortunately my guy has never had...
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    My bully baby boy's birthday today

    Happy and healthy birthday Baldur James, my Bubba will be 5 in November , enjoy.
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    Digestive issues-Help

    Hello all , just reading along and thought comment on the Pumpkin recommendations, see photos the Walmart need me carries the Great Value Brand of PURE PUMKIN (house brand)....located close to the PIE MIX the one we DON'T want!!
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    Happy National Dog Day!

    My guy enjoyed National Dog Day..........came in with LIPSTICK on his neck, LOL
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    Nu-Stock questions?

    Yes , I totally agree, mash and knead the tube well before using.....and this is important , don't store with the tube facing down, the liquid will leak from the cap area, I learned this the hard way, I now store my tube in a plastic freezer bag.
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    Working with Ralph

    How about sit at the table and play a board game, my daughter helps him make the correct play...LOL
  7. jsygrls Site Upgrade

    Thanks for what you all do to keep this site current and updated. The HTTP security is huge , thanks all, The EBN site is the best thing that's happened for EBD and newer owners like me. Best regards
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    ~ENTER HERE~ JULY Bulldog of the Month Contest! "Cutest Bully Booty"

    Winner winner chicken dinner......great photo, I don't think we'll enter this month. But all's well we won the CUP!!! Go BOLTS!!!
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    Hope to see ya at the dance, our game seven is tonight. My daughter and Sir Charles Barkley when he was a pup, he's almost 5 now, its great to look back Eh! Good Luck. Go Bolts!!
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    Happy Birthday Joey Girl !!!

    We know just how you feel, Happy Birthday Joey Girl.
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    English Bulldog Shoes

    Hello to both you and Rocco, I'm living in Central Florida with my boy Bubba, yes not Nevada, but as your probably aware we also get very hot in the summer. And yes I do dread summer walks a lot of the time. A couple of tips that may work for you, try walking very early and later in the...
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    Our bulldogs~ Then and Now

    It seems Ill get to show off my daughter and my dog...
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    General Question Pet Insurance

    I have Pets Best Insurance for my boy Bubba for the last year. All good with them so far with his wellness checkups and shots reimbursement payments. The good news my guy has not had ANY MAJOR HEALTH ISUES that require any MAJOR insurance consideration. My plan is the $500 deductible with a...
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    Help Needed! Elevated food bowl - how high?

    This seems to work well for my guy you may want to give it a try.