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    We have never had mange issues with our dogs but I have done some research on the issue. Mange is due to the dog having a weakened immune system. If your dog had an infection that could cause a weakened immune system and therefore bring on a mite infestation. Doesnt sound like your dog has mites...
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    check out this craigslist post!

    WOW...he can use some luck. $200 is very very rare. He needs to go to a rescue.
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    Diva is due in two weeks but wont eat

    I will do that thank you so much
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    Diva is due in two weeks but wont eat

    She has been using the bathroom but small amounts come out. She ate yesterday but wont eat today. for the past 3-4 days she has been getting very picky about what she eats but now she came to a stop. Maybe her belly is just too crowded. I will try yogurt today.
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    Diva is due in two weeks but wont eat

    The vet says this is normal but it makes me so nervous that she wont eat, she has 2 weeks to go till she is due. This has never happened before. Maybe because it is a hot day today. She drinks plenty of water. I have tried canned food of every kind, fish, beaver, venison,lamb as well as raw...
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    Hot Spots

    Hot spots I do not suggest having a surgery to remove his wrinkles. It's sad to say that many vets want your money and opt to do procedures and surgeries not necessary at all. I would get a second opinion if possible. I went through many vets, and most of them wanted to do things to my dogs...
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    Does Nuvet contain any grains because one of the girls are allergic to wheat and such. Thanks
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    To Everyone who is switching dog foods right now....

    Thats a great idea I will take some photos soon
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    Urgent message for our community!

    We will keep an eye out!!
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    Breeding Diva and Beefy

    We did Diva and Beefy's artificial insemenation, she is due June 30th...:D
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    Welcome to all new members!!!

    Feel free to post comments and questions:D
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    Welcome to the Bulldog 90 degrees, its 52 here. I wish it were warmer.