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    Please Help 🤢

    Hey everyone. Warmest thanks for your care and concern and input. We had chaos to the vet this morning and it seems she has a badly infected tail pocket. I feel terrible. Her tail pocket is deep and her tail is tight, and I suspect it’s from swimming in the little puppy pool at daycare and...
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    Please Help 🤢

    Thanks. I will call the vet tomorrow. Also, has anyone used Absorbine jr on their dogs before? It’s an antiseptic.
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    Please Help 🤢

    I’m starting to actually wonder if it’s her tail pocket and not being in heat after all. I noticed when we were cleaning her there was pink on the towel like she’s maybe bleeding?? Do tail pockets get super super stinky if they develop problems? I can’t even begin to describe how awful...
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    General Question Heat cycle questions

    Did you get any information about this? We aren’t seeing a lot of blood however the SMELL! ���� I’ve never smelled anything so bad in my life. Did you find solutions?
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    Please Help 🤢

    Our female English bulldog is 9m old. Unfortunately due to covid we were not able to get her fixed. She has been rescheduled for the end of the month. She seems to be starting her first heat. Her vulva is swollen, she’s acting out of sorts. We don’t see any real blood yet, but the SMELL...
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    Bad breeding/bad genetics does it always equal a dog with issues?

    So sorry you’re having these troubles. I do believe breeding is a huge thing. Our first bully was from a puppy mill and had so many issues behaviourally and health wise. Our current girl is from a reputable breeder and there has been nothing at all. She was perfectly behaved from the get go...
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    Help me I need a name

    He’s SO so so sweet! What about Blue? Is that a blue eye i see?
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    Bulldog size and shape?

    She may be an Olde English Bulldogge. They tend to be slightly less wrinkled and longer in the legs.
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    While I showered...

    Hysterical. I love cinder’s colouring so so much.
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    Jewel Is Football Enthused

    We are in Toronto and my partner is a Lion’s fan. They would understand this completely. Bad season for the Lions. As usual (I would add.)
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    Your Bully’s Favourite Toys—lets see ‘em

    Sorry for all the edits and additional posts, folks. Still figuring this site out. My lack of technology know-how is showing, eh?
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    Your Bully’s Favourite Toys—lets see ‘em

    Jimbo K Kabonger? I’m trying to be mature about this. LOL. What is that thing? Is it more rubberized or hard plastic?
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    Your Bully’s Favourite Toys—lets see ‘em

    RalphTheBulldog LOL!! A friend! A glowing friend! - - - Updated - - - Jimbo K We have that red treat feeder Kong too. Chaos loves when we shove salmon in it. - - - Updated - - - ldenne Antlers?? I’ve not heard of these. Are they real/edible or a toy? - - - Updated - - - EllieMay...
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    Your Bully’s Favourite Toys—lets see ‘em

    Hceril That’s hilarious that she loves splash balls. Does she just play with them on dry land or she’ll play in the water with them? I’ve not known a bully to be particularly interested in balls before. Not ours anyway.
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    Your Bully’s Favourite Toys—lets see ‘em

    Chaos loves tug. All our bullies have always favoured a good game of tug. She also likes Nyla bones a lot (not the edible ones), however the vet cautioned that they could ruin their tooth enamel. Can’t seem to get our girl into longs much, tho not from a lack of trying.