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  • Yep, we have 5 cats, 3 persians, a cornish rex, and an exotic shorthair. heh, here we go... Rafe, Boo, Chaos, Digby, and Sweet Pea! They are pretty fun and Angus likes to chase em around! Yep Angus likes the water bottles too because he likes to make the crunching sound heh.
    Angus will be 5 months on Oct. 9th. He is getting so big, it's hilarious how fast they grow and it seems like yesterday I was able to easily carry him around and now he's running up and down the stairs like a champ. Sigh... Yep awesome stories on here some are pretty sad, I hate hearing how people lose their bullys but at least they have a place to go to tell people that will understand how much their bully meant to them. I just got a new phone so I'll be getting more pics and video up of Angus this weekend! Luckily it seems that Angus is just getting over his biting stage which is great because my hands look like I washed them in broken glass! Definately, this is the best site I've found regarding information on bullys plus you get to meet alot of nice people that share the same interest you do, Bullys! So many great pics and again the food tips, wow, I had no idea but it has been a real benefit!
    Never mind he's 1 1/2! duh, sorry didn't see it right away. Anyways, he's really great! Congrats!
    Thank you very very much! I really like Tank! How old is he? He has just an awesome face! This site is so great, I've found out a bunch of useful info but some stories are really sad, but the people are nice and helpful and I really like the pictures and stories! Can't wait to see more pictures of Tank!
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