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    Blisters Nose Rope

    Good spot! I didn’t notice that rinsing wasn’t mentioned after wiping. Can you get some well lit photos of the skin after you have cleaned it? I also wonder what it looks like 30min-1hour later
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    Blisters Nose Rope

    You have to dry the nose rope before applying the corn starch. The reason it is getting pasty is because it's getting damp in there. The corn starch is absorbing that moisture. You might need to attack it with corn starch even more often than twice a day. Once you get it under control you won't...
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    Blisters Nose Rope

    Same as @Bulldog2001 I would ask if you are drying the rope. Also is this your daily routine? Are you using the regular shampoo or S3? Until you get it under control I would clean it out twice a day with the wipes, or chlorhexidine on its own (it’s pretty cheap for a gallon of 2%). Since the...
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    She's 7 months now. She was on her 3mo birthday in that photo :)

    She's 7 months now. She was on her 3mo birthday in that photo :)
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    Bald spots please help

    Did you get all of this information from the blood test or did the follicle test also help? I was going to get Millie OFA tested and doing an allergy panel on her at the same time sounds useful
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    UPDATE ** Puppy cough, phlegm, productive

    camphor (vicks) is toxic to dogs. I wouldn't use it - but if you must, would be very careful with it. And I would 100% NOT put it near the nose
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    Nail clippers

    Also, puppies are the best time to start. Their nails are very soft so they grind VERY fast and the puppy should get use to the dremeling much easier than an adult. Just zip the tips off every few days Introduce them slowly to the machine. First few days off completely. Then try turning it on a...
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    Nail clippers

    I use my cordless dremmel on the lowest setting with a cylinder sanding attachment. Don’t take much off, and do it often (every week). I keep nails pretty short - so they don’t touch the floor when standing still. Stay around 5,000 rpm (don’t go much higher. 10,000 is too high) If you let it...
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    New Owner - Food Advice

    I could be wrong, but from my understanding all of those lawsuits were dismissed.
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    My dog vomits often on mornings

    It is a normal physiological response for dogs to lose balance, faint, etc when vomiting - it's not something every dog will do, but some dogs will and some will grow into or out of that response. They shouldn't be vomiting every morning though. Can you provide more information about what is...
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    Smelly Butt

    I would also suggest looking at the tail pocket. A tail pocket infection has kind of a metallic smell to it.
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    Skin issues

    Wow! He is a good looking bulldog. That sounds like allergies to me. Welcome to EBN! How often are you bathing him? And what is your rope cleaning regimen like? There are some very knowledgeable members on this forum that may be able to make suggestions based on the ingredient lists for the...
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    witch hazel

    Look at how much alcohol is in it. If you are applying it to an area that is already compromised then you should be as gentle as possible.
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    Flea treatment?

    My first bulldog, Sammy, had seizures every few months and my last, Vada, had the head bobbles… Millie’s vet recently prescribed Simparica. Before giving her any I was curious how an oral worked to prevent ticks so I read the documentation that came with it. Then I read the website. 😬🤦 So I...