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Thread: Little red bumps under my Bully's belly??

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    Default Little red bumps under my Bully's belly??

    Hello my fellow bulldoggers

    I posted here about Dukey's condition some time ago

    quite did not get a good idea of what it was and what it is

    as for my last vet's visit on this condition, doc said it could be a fungus and issued me an ointment to apply on the area.

    it is mostly around his wee wee area and under his legs

    well, they're coming back again and out of ointment now, and if it doesn't get any better and gets worse from this state, I will take him to back to Vet.

    I'm still wondering if any of you guys had experienced this with your bulldog. Because I know my bulldog is still going through some kind of Allergy (scratching, and his under belly looking more pinkish/red at night through his white coat from his belly area all the way up to neck).

    Also notice a little big pimp looking bump on the picture.
    never had any quite big like that before either...

    any ideas for this novice?

    I've been switching his food and bedding area too trying to ease up on his allergy. from his scratching and redding skin under his belly and neck area.. i'm pretty sure i still haven't found the right food for him yet.. =( i feel sad and sorry for my dukey

    any advice would be appreciated
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    Default Re: Little red bumps under my Bully's belly??

    could be food could be contact allergy,im having the same problem with annie,she started 3 months ago ,now i know she cant deal with fish wether its canned or raw even omega fish oil starts her off worse,what i have done and am still doing is eliminating contact surfaces and foods,im sure someone can point you in the direction of a suitable food ,i started raw feeding when she started scratching so cant be any help with kibbles,i also put a tshirt on my dog just to keep her clear of any secondary infection ,good luck in finding her trigger but im afraid all you can do is start eliminating ,karen

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    Default Re: Little red bumps under my Bully's belly??

    Hello, we also had our Diesel to the Vet, he had a few red bumps under his tummy, and it seems as if overnight he had lots more, his face turned red, and he even got them on his back ?! the vet did skin scrapings to test for the demodex mange, ( it wasnt thank goodness ) Then gave him his allergy shot, and prescribed his antibiotic, poor Diesel, but he cleared up so quickly, ! he had started loosing hair so quickly also, i thought we could keep it under control with the benedryl and so forth , he gets Sweet Potato and Fish from Natural Balance and his dad had gotten the " duck " for something different to try, were hoping that was it, and problem solved , we shall soon see, Good luck with your sweet baby.. i know its not easy.

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    Default Re: Little red bumps under my Bully's belly??

    I am so sorry that your bully is not feelling well. What do you feed your Bully? The most important thing you can do is give a high quality diet.Many bullys are allergic to grain and when switching food you need to do it very slowly.Many of our members feed Fromm which is one of the best and they have had great results. I also feed Natural Balance no grain Sweet Potato and fish to Mocha and she has always done great on this food. So it will be trial an error as you find what works best for yours.I would give the benadryl, get some oatmeal shampoo(for dogs)and the T shirt idea is also a good one when playing outside. Make sure you have air conditioning in your house as the heat is also a problem.I would try and get some neosporin for know and apply it as needed.Keep and
    eye on it and see what happens.If you notice it getting worse see your vet.

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