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    Hi! I am a new bulldog owner.. Marv is 8months old. He was diagnosed today as having Demidicosis.

    The vet recommended that I introduce raw meat into his diet to boost his immune system. I am not very comfortable with feeding this to my bully as Ive read that it could be harmful to them.

    Any recommendations????

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    Hi Marv's mom and Marv. Welcome to the site!

    Sorry to hear about Marv's diagnosis. My bully's on a raw diet and I, personally, think it's fantastic, but I admit it's not for everyone.

    If you feel more confortable feeding kibble, a lot of people here choose Fromm or NVI. They're great food with a lot of benefits. These brands are highly ranked in our dog food rating system, so that may be a good route for you to try if you'd like to stay away from raw. If you can't find either in your local shop, Petflow is an internet based store that offers delivery which a lot of our members use. Hope that helps!
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    Default Re: Marv's skin

    I completely agree with savemejeebus. Raw can be great but it isn't for everyone. If you aren't comfortable with doing raw I would try a very high quality kibble. Not every food works well for every bully but Natures Variety Instinct and Fromm are very popular choices among the members here and would be a great place to start.

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