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    Default Raw tear stains

    Hello everyone, this is my first post to the board so I hope I'm positing in the right spot. My question(concern)is does anyone know if tear stains are suppose to make the skin really raw ??

    I'm assuming my 11 month old bully Big Mac is suffering from tear stains but from everything I've read it seems like tear stains only discolor the fur and do not effect the skin. Well Big Mac's fur is fine and not discolored at all it's just that his skin between each wrinkle that comes down from his eyes is very raw in the fold. We have been treating it with neosporin and at first that really worked but now they seem like they are getting worse. I'm probably going to schedule a vet visit this week but wanted to get some additional info if possible.

    Thank You

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    Sounds like it is a bacterial infection, most likely yeast.

    Yes a trip to the vet is in order, you will need an anti fungal cream, panalog or animax. I like panalog better it works much faster.

    Also I would like to find out what you are feeding if that is okay? Food plays a very important role in tear stains and infections. It could also be allergies to spring, the eyelids swell from the allergies and cause the eyelashes to poke them in they eye and cause excess tearing.

    When you go to the vet they may say your bully requires eye surgery. Talk to them about seasonal allergies first, you really need to be armed with info so they don't nickel and dime you to death and call for unneeded surgery.

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    Default Re: Raw tear stains

    @BIG MAC also make sure you are going to a bully vet cuz most other vets dont know much about bulldogs and in this case could really be a waste of money.

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    Default Re: Raw tear stains

    I feed Big Mac Wellness brand dog food, it's supposedly top of the line behind only Blue Buffalo, and I like it because his coat has a gorgeous shine to it. Well after looking into the problem the last few days I actually realized that they weren't tear stains but were untreated wrinkles. They already look 100x better with me and my wife applying treatment 3x daily. We wipe them with a wet cloth, dry them, and then apply corn starch which always worked wonders on his other wrinkles.

    I use to always look at these specific wrinkles and they were never a problem, but I guess as he he's getting older he's becoming more wrinkled and needs the daily cleanings in more places.

    @desertsky, my dog does have the eyelash problem, how will I know if I need surgery ???

    But thanks for the help and concern guys

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