Oh my hearts, Louie you are just precious. That face, I can't. I just want to squeeze him! Thank you for the update, so glad he's getting better. Again, hats off to you for being such a wonderful bully parent! PS. We use witch hazel on Tyson's wrinkle daily, its wonderful

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Thanks everyone for your comments and well wishes!

Update on Louie: He is doing much better compared to Tuesday. He is off the Benadryl and is still a little more pink in the face than normal (mostly around his eyes and mouth) but otherwise eating well and playing. His stool is soft and I've probably made my neighbours think I'm crazy by sifting through it with a stick just want to see if he ate something strange.

I bought some distilled witch hazel which I have combined one part with 3 parts warm water on a face cloth. Been cleaning his face and folds with that to try to bring down the pink irritation. Will be doing an iodine soak for his paws too as I notice they are a little pink and he is licking them.

Love that little bug!

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