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Hi everyone. Well me and Tikka have been throug a lot. First we were sent to a specialist that was 6 hours away in another province. We arrive there and they told me that we needed to see a surgeon regarding the hip dysphasia. But unfortunately they only had one surgeon and she was swamped with appointments. So then we were referred to another specialist that is 5 hours from home. We make it there and the doctor can't seem to figure out why Tikka is dragging her back end. He speculates it's her knees. He recommends her knees get scoped and if they are the problem to have surgery on them. He scoped her knees and says they are "beautiful". He then tell us that we will be referred to a surgeon who specializes in hip replacements in a city that's two hours from home. We leave Edmonton with no answers and I feel these trips were for nothing. But I guess her knees have been ruled out as a possible problem. That Doctor prescribes Tikka on Metacam for 14 days. On the way home we stop by the breeder and talk with her. She says she has not heard from anyone else from Tiks litter. She says she does not recommend surgery for a hip replacement. We get home and a few days later Tikka quits dragging her back end. She's been doing quite well and I'm wondering if she had an injury that was making her drag her back end. We have 4 more days on the Metacam and I'm praying she is fine after the last day on the medication. Yesterday the doctor who did the knee scope said he has been in contact with the the doctor who specializes in hip replacement and that Doctor said hip replacements is rarely done on bulldogs because of their anatomy. So therefore she will not be getting the hip replacement surgery. I let the doctor know of Tikkas improvement and he said to monitor her after the Metacam is done with and if she ends up displaying the same behaviour to call him and he will schedule and MRI. Ugh I feel like I have been all over the place and have really gotten no answer for why she may have been dragging her back end. I do feel like she may have been injured but I am trying not to get my hopes up that she is completely better in case she goes back to doing the same thing after the Metacam is done with. That was our month of August! Hoping this improvement continues for Tikka. She has been more lively and even jumped on the couch twice (even though she is not allowed!). She also ran away from me and went down a flight of stairs (again even though she's not allowed). Her playfulness has returned and her behaviour is the same as before she got possibly injured. Breeder told me to get her some glucosamine and shark cartilage for her joints. She's also still on the gabapentin and tramadol. Hoping my bully has taken a turn for the better!
What a month!!! please keep us posted and I'll be sending lots of positive thoughts to you and your baby!