Yes @Evilo, one thing at a time! Your poor baby! Honestly, for me, the skin thing, I took personal, if anything. Our guy never seemed uncomfortable o itched/scratched. But he'd have random circles of hair coming out and if you tugged, there'd be crust attached. And it would creep. One spot one day, 3 the next, 5 the next etc.

The edges would be crusty but never red/bloody/pus-y. It seriously looked almost like ringworm. One vet said seasonal flank which made me mad bc I was made to think I was crazy when there was something more going on.

My vet was baffled for a while, started with the scrapes for mites and on and on. Antibiotics would clear it up. A few months later it'd be back. Tried allergy tests and then shots for a year, no help. Finally he's on Atopica every 2 days which keeps it at bay. And even still he may get a random spot here or there, but a good bath with Dermabens gets it cleared right up. That shampoo really cleans the hair shaft and gets out any allergens. I used another brand I liked better but it's been discontinued. But the Dermabens has a nice coconut smell. You can order it online.

What is his healing time for his tail? Poor baby!