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Ok i called, they do not deliver to the UK yet. I'm thinking when you decide which food you will go with, you can call around to your local stores and see if they carry it. If you want my honest opinion, I would try the Wellnss Basic Grain free Duck and Potato. Brutus really loves it and he isn't having any ill effects from it. He jsut had a vet check and he thought it was a good choice. Please make sure you get the Grain free, Wellness has an identical food called Simple and it is NOT grain free and I mistakenly bought it and BAM Brutus had a raging ear infection. It is reasonally priced also, which is nice since i have probably spent thousands of dollars trying to find something my boy can tolerate.
Does Amazon deliver to the UK? I think you can get Honest Kitchen from Amazon…maybe a way around HK not delivering there yet? I don't have an Amazon account to plug the zip code in and check, but worth a shot if you can get raw?