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I'm still laughing over your description of Tucker, the scent hound, my oh my!

Ginger...Honey, please stop stressing, you've got time and EBN'ers help & ex-
periences to guide you. Do you have a trusted Vet (sorry, I forget) to talk it

If Tucker is 7 months then Sophie is 4 months, generally females have 1st heat
between 6 to 9 months old. If you could keep them separated (maybe keeping
Tucker at family or a friend, neighbor) when she comes into heat then you'd have
another 6 months (before 2nd heat) to neuter him, ideally about 15-18 months old.
That's about maturity age for Tucker and bone, body & head growth finishing up.
After Sophie's 2nd heat, she should be ready for her spay, age wise. However, if
in your home it's needed to be done prior than that, no guilt, you have to do what is
best for all in your home. Ginger, you got this!
Carol, I have found a Bulldog veterinarian in San Antonio who I have already touched base with, and who is willing to do the neuter when I am ready. I like your idea of keeping the two of them apart when Sophie goes into heat. Maybe I can let my mother take care of her, as she is retired and all of her dogs are fixed. She would have more time to deal with all that!

Thanks for all of the support!