Hello, I am new to this forum so let me introduce my self. My name is Rafael and I own a 1 year a 7 month -img_2012-jpgbulldog name Chanel. She is my little princes. She is spoil beyond believe, she such a sweet heart. This past weekend me and my wife went to a dog expo and both all king of treats including a bully stick. When we got home I divided the bully in half and gave half to Chanel and the other half to Coco (an Oldee English Bulldogee). Then over a the weekend we spoil them both with other treat including some pet friendly liver brownie that we bought at the pet expo. I also gave my dog pieces of hotdog, chicken sausage, pork sausage, boil and pork rime. I was not like a lot but all throughout the weekend they ate this stuff. My Oldee seen to be fine but my little prices Chanel started to have bowl movement and at noon Monday I notice blood on her stool and it was not solid. Her stool was like light brown gooey and bright red blood mix. It was mainly liquid. I call the vet and they told to keep her without food for 24 hour and start a diet of rice and chicken or rice and meat with plenty of fresh water for 3 days and then to keep and eye on her stool. She seen fine and alert and happy. I feel guilty because I gave her all this stuff over the weekend and now I am afraid that it cause her some harm. Can some help me to see if this ever happened to anyone beside me and what are there thought about this topic. Thanks