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Hello -

I took my 7 month old male bulldog named Fenway into my vet to be neutered last tuesday. All went well with the neutering but Sunday he got very sick vomiting and difficulty breathing, hacking cough. Took him back to the vet and they said he got Kennel cough while he was at the vets. They had an outbreak. I am so upset. He is currently on an antibotic and cough medicines. Does anyone know how long kennel cough lasts? It is so upsetting to here him cough. Also, would you trust this vet or change vets. They came highly recommeded and the breeder I bought him from has all 4 of her english bulldogs going to them? Suggestions??????? Thanks so much!

I wouldn't exactly change vets......but I would want some answers. If the exposure was done on Tuesday and it wasn't developed until Sunday, it could be that they weren't aware of the outbreak at the time of the surgery. BUT, what is not acceptable is the fact that they neglected to contact you and let you know what might be happening as soon as they did find out. They risked not only your puppy's health, but also the health of all the other animals that were infected at the same time AND by you (possibly) infecting other animals due to unawareness. I would demand answers and request a change in policies. If that Dr came recommended, it could be that the clinic staff is at fault, not the Dr. Most clinics are run by staff that cater to the Dr's on staff. By requesting them to change their policies, you might just make the clinic a better place. Then you can have an awesome Dr who works for an awesome Clinic! (HOPEFULLY THE DR DOESN'T OWN THE CLINIC....CAUSE THEN I HAVE A WHOLE BUNCH MORE STUFF TO SAY!!!!)