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Thread: Natural Tick Repellent

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    Default Natural Tick Repellent

    I cannot tell you how excited I am to discover this ridiculously easy, natural tick repellent that really works!

    But before I spill the secret, let me give you some background information:

    We just moved to a property deep in the woods of Pennsylvania.

    My dog and I were diagnosed at the same time with Lyme’s Disease 2 summers ago

    We caught it early, got treated and now we’re all better.

    I hike and/or creek swim in the woods with my dog 5 to 6 days a week, March through October.

    Where I currently live has the greatest number of confirmed Lyme’s Disease cases in the whole country.

    I hate chemicals.

    Before I discovered this natural tick repellent, we’ve been pulling a minimum of 3 to 4 ticks off my dog each day and usually one to two on me.

    I hate ticks.

    My husband told me we had to figure something out with all these ticks or else he wanted to put Frontline on my dog.

    I hate Frontline.

    It’s full of dangerous chemicals and not good for dogs (or for people that love to hug and cuddle their pets).

    Okay, got all that?

    So then a few weeks ago, my essential oil guru, Meagan from Growing Up Herbal, wrote a guest post on Primally Inspired teaching us how to make super easy homemade bug repellent oils. I tried her easy recipe since bugs are terrible where I live this time of year. Her homemade oil recipe worked like a charm! Truth be told, it even surprised me how well it worked.

    In the post, she also mentioned that Rose Geranium Essential Oil was a good tick repellent for animals. So I bought some Rose Geranium oil, hoping and praying it would work or else I would have to go the Frontline route.

    I put a drop of Rose Geranium Oil in between my dogs shoulder blades and a drop at the base of his tail each day before we go outside. That’s it.

    I also put a drop on the insides of my wrist and a drop behind my ears.

    We did our daily hike and creek swim in the woods. We came back. No ticks.

    What, no ticks?! I thought this is too good to be true.

    To this day (it’s been going on 4 weeks now *update 3/22/14 – it’s been going on over 8 months now and no ticks!!!!!!!), I have not pulled one single tick off my dog or me. We went from pulling 3 to 4 ticks a day off him to NONE. Zip. Zero. Nada.

    This is huge!

    I have no idea why Rose Geranium oil works so well, but honestly, I don’t even care. Okay, scratch that – I’m a nerd and I am kind of curious to learn why it works so well, so if you know, please enlighten me.

    I’m just so happy that I don’t have to put Frontline on my dog and that I found something completely natural that costs way less than Frontline AND that really works for both me and my dog! (and it smells really, really good!)

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    Default Re: Natural Tick Repellent

    Wow! Def going to try this! Thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: Natural Tick Repellent

    Thats awesome! Everyone needs to educate themselves on all these chemicals that are being used on dogs. There are effective and natural remedies for most common problems that have to do with our pets.

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    Default Re: Natural Tick Repellent

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing! I've literally been looking at all natural repellents for fleas and ticks also for other bugs in the backyard like what plants are safe to have that are natural repellents. We moved into a rental property that hasn't been taken care of so my fiance and I have been fighting to keep earwigs and spiders away from our Rylie girl.

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    Default Re: Natural Tick Repellent

    Thank you for posting this!

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    Default Re: Natural Tick Repellent

    Thanks for the tip! Hope it works for mosquitoes as well

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