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Thread: Nail care question...

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    Default Nail care question...

    I noticed today somehow Bear cracked a nail completely off, no doubt from running into the walls and being insane for the past few days.

    I took a pic because I may not describe it right so its below. The quick is completely exposed. Do I need to put anything on it until his nail grows back?

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    NOPE! I took one of my Bullies to the vet the first time this happened. He said if it bleeds, use a styptic pencil like the one a man might use if he cuts himself. These are good too if you accidently cut a nail too close to the quick. The TECH (who is a good, 'ole country girl) said to stick it in flour.

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    Default Re: Nail care question...

    No it will heal up on its own. Just make sure it doesnt bleed and should be fine, just sore. Poor Bear, had to hurt!

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