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Thread: Red swollen thing on tip of Sherman's penis

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    Default Re: Red swollen thing on tip of Sherman's penis

    What are the options the vet gave you for treating it? Hoping he's ok!

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    Red face Re: Red swollen thing on tip of Sherman's penis

    Quote Originally Posted by Vikinggirl View Post
    I'm sorry I don't have any experience with this, and don't know what it could be other than a cyst, but hopefully someone with experience will come along soon, to offer some advice. I just wanted to say I hope Sherman is okay, and it's nothing serious. These guys give us so much love and joy, but they give us such worries too. Sending love, hugs and prayers to you and Sherman. Feel better buddy. Maybe you could call the vet and ask what it could be?
    Your dog has an erection follow the steps below and this should fix your problem.

    The red balls you are seeing is normal, these are part of the dog's penis. You need to try to get his penis back into the skin. This is what you can do:

    1- Apply cold compress on the penis for a couple of minutes.
    2- Lubricate the opening of the skin with ky jelly or vaseline and try to pull the skin over the penis so the penis goes back inside.
    3- If you are not able to get the penis back inside take him to the nearest ER veterinarian, this is an emergency. The opening of the prepuce may be cutting off the blood supply to the penis and could suffer irreversible damage. Make sure he does not lick the penis; keep the penis lubricated with vaseline or ky jelly.

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