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Thread: Curly might be licking his paws

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    Default Curly might be licking his paws

    Curly was playing with a chew toy and when I went over I saw him licking his paws. When I took a closer look I noticed both his paws were wet. Hit skinny looked a little pinker than usual. So I dried his paws and took a doroux pad and wiped him down.

    Now I'm a bit paranoid that he might be developing red yeast on his paws. My frenchie mix has skin allergies and licks his paws. We are taking him to a doggie dermatologist to figure out what the allergy is because we've eliminated everything from his food so it has to be something environmental (blue wilderness for all the dogs in this house)

    Anyhow back to Curly. Is there anything I can do to prevent yeast from forming? One thing about curly is he likes to stand in his water bowl and it's almost impossible to keep his paws dry. Anyone think that adding ACV to his water also might help since he is always soaking his paws in his water bowl?

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    Default Re: Curly might be licking his paws

    Yep... ACV will help... Also, try to avoid white potato in the food, but most of all is the moisture, gotta try to dry those paws and you can use witch hazel to help clean as it is a self drying product
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