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Thread: Allergy signs

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlj781 View Post
    Hey, we've found Buff has been getting the same thing, same situation, she has always been on the same food, we got her last September and she was fine up until late spring/summer when she turned one and now she gets red bumps on her stomach and itches alot (and most recently is missing 5-6 very small but noticeable patches of fur on her back). We've used Bendryl and it seems to help a bit when shes really bad but its not a solution. we have taken her to the vet and got a special shampoo and bath her lots but she still seems to be itchy alot of the time and these spots seem to come and go and we dont notice any 1 factor that is occuring when they flair up. Her feet have been fine so far its just the spots on her stomach chest and upper legs. We took her back to the vet and got the expensive food/environment test and it came back with nothing significant that she was allergic to. the vet its going to try Neoral/Atopica 100mg for a month and she also mentioned Ketoconazole perhaps after the month is up. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this where it appears they are not allergic to anything in particular but still have the symptoms and how they might have dealt with it. Its very frustrating watching buff scratch and not knowing why its happening or how to help. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
    It appears that your vet is treating your dog for atopic dermatitis which is basically an itchy skin disorder that can be a huge challenge as I am sure you know. The Ketoconazole treats fungus and yeast. You have done the right things.

    Things I would consider trying.

    Douxo Calm Mousse - You can apply it every three days. Skip the days you give a bath with medicated shampoo.

    Don't shy away from using the Benadryl it won't hurt her and if it makes her more comfortable then that is good. 1mg per 1 pound of dog 2-3 times a day. If she has side effects like being sleepy try another antihistamine like Claritin or Zytrec.

    Boosting up her immune system:

    Virgin Coconut Oil 1 tsp per 10 pounds of body weight. Once a day. You can feed it off of a spoon to her or put it with her food.

    NuVet Plus - Canine Vitamin yes it is one the expensive side it is a high quality supplement.

    Good Luck
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    Default Re: Allergy signs

    Thanks for the help

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