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Thread: Crusty Nose

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    I just bough the Snout Soother sample through the Bully Market for Linus - he has a crusty nose - so I will report back and let everyone know how it works!

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    I clean Bella's wrinkles every night and then apply coconut oil to her forehead, face, nose, and chin. It has really helped soothe and heal her nose and the effects of her allergies that have been getting better by switching foods. Also, I used to breastfeed my children and lanolin is great for moisurizing sensitive cracked and sore areas. I wonder how it would do on a bully's nose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wigglesworth View Post
    Neosporin (recommended to me by bully vet on SI)

    cheap and really effective. doesn't take long, and it exfoliates the dead crust.
    I would think you would need to make sure it WASN'T marked pain reducer...for you can use that on chinchillas as well. But the one marked "pain reducer" can kill I wouldn't think it good for a dog either...just my opinion. But...that's a good thought. I use Olive Oil...but am not the fondest of it. Soaking in the tub with the little bit of moister helps get the crusty to loosen up...
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