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My puppy has the exact same Thing and also peed in his crate since he got this. Die you Find Out of or had anything to do With it? Hope you still remember
My 15 month old had something similar to this- it began just a few weeks ago. I began giving her a benadryl once a day as well as a spoonful of plain yogurt and it is clearing up quickly! I believe it is a grass allergy. The benadryl helps with the rash and the yogurt is meant to boost her immune system in order to fight the allergy better.
I would say try the benadryl once a day and see if it improves.
She is 38 lbs so I give her one 25 mg benadryl a day. If he is under 25 lbs don't give him a full benadryl, maybe cut the pill in half. He should receive no more than 1 mg per pound.

I doubt this would work if it is a staph infection though so it might be a good idea to take him to the vet just to be safe.